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Remember What Jesus Said!

After his resurrection, Jesus told his closest friends to go around telling everyone the good news about his resurrection. Now, two-thousand years later and halfway around the world, we are enjoying the fruit of their labor. 

If you truly believe that this good news is actually good news, and if you believe that this good news leads to life to the fullest, then ask yourself this question: when is the last time you shared it with someone? When is the last time you invited someone to worship with you? When is the last time you talked about God to a close friend who has no church home? 

If you can’t remember the last time because it has been so long, why? What is keeping you from sharing this good news? Be honest with yourself, and if there is something that I or someone else in the congregation can do to help you overcome that fear or hesitancy or whatever, then please let us know. 

As we approach Easter, more and more people are thinking about spiritual things and are considering visiting a church. Not only that, but across the nation, we hear more and more stories about revival. This is a perfect time for you to share the gospel with someone or even invite them to worship with you. We have created business card sized reminders for you to share with those you love. Why not pick up three to five cards and give it to someone in your life who doesn’t have a church home? 

This news is too good not to share. If we want to see the world become a better place, now is the time to act. The good news of Jesus is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes, but people can’t believe if they don’t have someone share this news with them! Commit to making a difference through the gospel in the lives of those around you today. 

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