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Book Club

Join us this summer as we read C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity!

Summer Book Club

Last summer, the teenagers got together every Tuesday to study the Bible for an hour, go to the church building to work, and then enjoy lunch together. We’ve already been talking about our plans for this summer, and we all agreed we want to resume our summer studies.

Because of that, I’ll teach my golden agers class until the end of May and take a break from it for two months to focus on the youth group like we did last year.

But, I want to invite you to join us for our study on Tuesday. We are going to be reading and discussing Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis together on Tuesdays at 10 at the Albertville Bakery.

Mere Christianity is one of Lewis’s most popular works, outside of the Chronicles of Narnia of course. The book argues for the truthfulness of the Jesus story, defends Christian theology, and answers some ethical questions.

Lewis, who left Christianity in his teens, returned to the faith after a series of conversations with his friend and author of the Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien. Mere Christianity, then, is a book written from the trenches of experience, not a fortress of comfortable faith.

I think this opportunity will be helpful to anyone looking to strengthen their faith in Christ, but it will also serve another important purpose: providing you with the opportunity to get to know our teens. As a faith community, it is important that we take the time to know each other beyond the handshakes, side hugs, and head nods we might exchange on Sunday morning. Engaging one another in stimulating conversation over coffee is an amazing way to do that!

If you’d like to join us for this opportunity, please rsvp with Daniel by May 24th so that he can order you a copy of the book before the first class: June 6.

Who are we?

Come as you are! Many of us come from broken hearts, churches, lives, and families. We choose to be a family who accept others where they are. So If you are poor, sad, weak, sinful, lonely or broken in any way, come as you are! We will love you and show you the love of Jesus. The love that is bringing healing to our lives!

Our Mission

We are a community of Jesus followers who desire to spread hope and peace through a loving faith.

Our Church Family

We are believers in Jesus Christ making an effort to live and love like Him.  We consider ourselves nondenominational and we come from different backgrounds and points of view.  Unity is found by the Spirit and through the Gospel–not in uniformity. 

Our priority is to be the family of God, searching the Scriptures, and focusing on Christ and Him crucified. We choose to be non-judgmental towards people from different backgrounds and opinions in our family. Yes, we are imperfect in action and in knowledge; but we practice patience and forgiveness through the power of Jesus.

We have several opportunities for you to grow close to God and to our family. We have regular times of worship, frequent meals at the building, days of fun, a praise team, opportunities to serve, and more!

Come be with us, experience the uniqueness in our family, and join in! We would love to know you on a deeper level!