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Marty and Rhonda Hall
Brad and Susan Jones
Gary and Ellen Payne

Marty is a long time member of our family. He has served here as a leader in many capacities in the past. For several years he has served as one of our three shepherds. Marty also serves as one of our worship leaders. His enthusiasm, “can do” attitude, and spirit is contagious!

Brad has served several years as a shepherd and has been committed to the North Broad Street family for many years. Brad is a hard worker and has one of the most humble hearts there are. Because of this, the congregation here values him and trusts him as one of their leaders.

Gary has been serving as a shepherd for the North Broad family for several years. He has valued leadership experience as a church planter and as a chaplain. Gary’s wisdom in these areas is immeasurably edifying for our congregation. He also serves as one of our two preaching ministers (we call all of our preaching ministers, “co-ministers”).


Daniel and Laura Rogers

Daniel is 1 of 2 “co-ministers” here at North Broad along with Gary. He joined our team in August 2021. He preaches three times a month, teaches (teens and adults), plans activities for young adults and teens, and helps with technology. Daniel and his family are valued and appreciated for all they do for our church family! You can learn more about him by following his blog.

Women’s and Executive minister

LeAnne and Jody Wooten

LeAnne serves in a variety of ways. She has been ministering in this capacity for North Broad several years. She maintains the church calendars and leader calendars, pays the expenses and salaries, monitors the budget, screens phone calls, screens benevolence requests, makes referrals, maintains a continuity book, integrates with the rest of the staff and leaders in our meetings, teaches many of the lady classes, counsels, publishes our bulletin, and plans several activities. We cannot put words to how much she does for our church family in her ministry!

Children’s Minister

Rachel and Richard Eller

Rachel has been a member or closely connected with our church family for many years. In 2021, the leadership made her the part-time children’s minister for those who are 5th grade and younger after seeing how talented and creative she is with that age group. Rachel has a son in that age group and she also works part-time for the Boaz city school system, so she has a natural talent and passion for giving children a safe and fun environment to learn about Jesus and be a part of His family. We are excited to see how God uses her in this important ministry!

Worship Leader

Jason and Jenny Simmons

Jason has been serving as a worship minister at North Broad for over 20 years. He doesn’t see himself as a “song leader” but as a “worship leader.” Song leaders just lead songs, but worship leaders guide the hearts and minds of the family into a dedicated environment of adoration and thankfulness towards God. If you join us, you can easily see the joy and the sincerity Jason brings as he shares his God-given talent with us all. Jason also works with our technology and trains our praise team!