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We are Not Consumers!

Today is a wonderful day. Christians all over Albertville and across the world are gathering to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Some of our brothers and sisters have elaborate celebrations with different meaningful colors and symbols, scripture readings, and call and response segments in their… Read More »We are Not Consumers!

Falling Upwards

We all sin and come short of the glory of God—that’s no surprise to anyone. What distinguishes Jesus followers from the people around them is how they handle the moments when they inevitably fall.  Of course, some disciples handle failure in unhealthy ways just like… Read More »Falling Upwards

The Greatest Gift

What is the greatest blessing that a Christian has? A few come to mind right off the bat: peace, hope, joy, forgiveness, life, and we can’t help but add love. But I think there is a greater gift than even these blessings. The greatest blessing… Read More »The Greatest Gift